Superchill is an audio-guided meditation app that will help you relax and relief stress using the medically-proven Progressive Muscle Relaxation technique 🧘

Unlike other mediation apps, Superchill combines the mind and the body, offering effective sessions shorter than 10 minutes.

All meditation sessions are in English language and without background music. Listen to a sample here:

Progressive Muscle Relaxation effectively relieves stress by tensing muscles and then focussing on the feeling of negative energy leaving your body when you relax them.

Feedback from real users:

“The pace and voice are great, and it's really making a difference!”
“Simple language; calming voice.”
“I just got this app. I was looking for a PMR app so I didn't have to use YouTube for meditations. I like how simple it is and $0.99 a month is extremely reasonable. The voice is really calming and I like that there's a 5 and 10 minutes option. I like that I can see how many sessions I've done. I like the quote of the day. I really like the color layout.”
“I like how simplistic the interface is and that there is not an overload of features.”
“It feels like a personal trainer for relaxing. Nice App! Good work!”

Feedback from a real medical doctor:

“I have started recommending clients with sleep disturbances use this app and am finding very positive results when compared to other apps I have recommended. It truly is a sensational app. Thank you again sincerely from myself and those I work with who have found it so helpful.”